Do you have something that needs protection from the elements?

We have corrosion inhibiting shrink wrap. This special shrink wrap contains additives that will prevent corrosion on iron and non-iron metals, and electrical connections for periods up to two years. 



Do you need to contain something or someplace where safety is top priority?

We have flame retardant shrink wrap that will extinguish itself if caught on fire within 4 seconds of ignition source removal. It is ideal for wrapping scaffolding on construction sites, machinery as well as products in shipyards, factories, containments, storage units, museums, greenhouses, etc.

Do you need something or someplace wrapped as a long term solution?

We have Multimetal protective film with proven corrosion inhibiting technology. Our product and service provides cost-effective and versatile defense against corrosion damage on ferrous and non-ferrous metals in typical shipping and storage conditions. We do a combination wrap to ensure a durable, weatherproof storage and transportation cover which provides corrosion prevention. 

The wrap is:

  • Nontoxic
  • Recyclable
  • Equipped with maximum UV inhibitors