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Just a note to report on our trip to Alaska. We made it from Portland to Valdez (2,600 miles) in 67 hours and the trip went well although we had some serious snow for the last 30 miles into Valdez. As you can see from the pictures, the wrap didn’t budge the entire trip and the wrap protected the boat well from many pounds of road crud that would have taken hours to wash off (although there is no harbor water available yet in Valdez since its winter there yet).Thanks again for a great wrap job. It saved me loads of time and wear and tear on the boat.
— Alan Amoth

To Whom It May Concern:

I was transferred to the Charlotte, North Carolina area from Portland, Oregon, as part of a company relocation. One of the items that I needed to transport was my 18 foot open bow ski boat. With the distance being 2,800 miles I was concerned about using my boat cover. It is hard enough to deal with on a windy day across the flats of Warm Springs let alone a cross country trip. And I was also looking for a more secure look to discourage anyone from taking a quick look under the cover.

I contacted Portland Shrink Wrap for a quote and to understand the shrink wrap process and benefits. I received a response later the same day and was appreciative of the information and quote. The boat was delivered towards the end of the following week and was completely shrink wrapped in just under two hours. The boat was completely covered down to about half way on the hull. The sharp corners were wrapped and rounded prior to installing the cover eliminating the potential for cutting through.

The trip was fast, just under 3 ½ days, pushing close to 75 mph. The cover never showed any signs of coming loose or tearing. I was impressed. Once at our new location I was able to easily remove the cover by just cutting it at the mid section on the hull. The adhesive left no marks on the hull.

I am now returning the boat back to Portland and plan to re-use the cover. It is in great shape and with just a new roll of adhesive tape I should be good to go. I would recommend Portland Shrink Wrap (Matt) for your needs. Matt was very helpful and using the shrink wrap is a great way to secure your item and not have to worry about the wind or weather.
— Keith Harrington
Dear Mat:
I purchased a 22’ sailboat in Portland this winter; however, I decided to wait until spring to bring it to Denver. I found an outside storage location in the Portland area but I was concerned about leaving it exposed for several months in the Portland weather. Also, I was concerned about the exposure to the boat on the trip to Denver.

I decided to have the boat shrink wrapped. The boat dealer where I purchased the boat recommended Portland Shrinkwrap. I called you and made a deal for you to pick up the boat at the storage location, haul it to your place of business, dry it out for two weeks, shrink wrap it and return it to storage. I sent you a check overnight and you picked up the boat two days later.

You did exactly as we agreed and you kept me informed as to your progress with emails and pictures. In fact, you saved me the cost of an airline ticket to fly out and take care of this in person. It was a pleasure doing business with you. If I can ever provide a recommendation to any potential customer, please have them call me.
— Bill Bauer

Hi Mat, the boat just arrived at my house in western NY 2700 miles from Vancouver, WA. The shrink wrap held up just fine through the winter travel weather of February. You did an excellent job of wrapping my new boat. I give you a solid 5 stars! Thank you!
— Mark Eisenbach Victor , NY

Dear Lacey-
I just wanted to let you know I made it down to Florida and the shrink wrap held up great. I went through some really nasty thunderstorms for two days straight across the mid-west and was getting hit with 30-40 mph crosswinds frequently, not to mention heavy rain. Otherwise I was yanking the boat down the freeway around 75 mph for a total of 3200 miles over 5 days. I had no problems with the shrink wrap itself. And surprisingly, not a single rock chip where the boat was covered with shrink wrap. Thanks again for doing such a good job!
— Steve